July 24, 2017


Lehi--Gateway, Lehi, & Lehi Central Stakes


Elder Cole Sansoucie

Week 4 - This week

This week has been awesome. I met my companion Elder Sansoucie. We get along really well. He is into all extreme sports he loves comics and superheroes he is into freerunning which is like parkour, He acts and he wants to be a superhero in a movie or TV show. And his goal when he gets back home in like 5 weeks now is to train and get on to America Ninja Warrior. I feel like I have the coolest companion. I'm serving in Lehi right now. We cover 2 stakes. My companion is the district leader in the area so we get to go anywhere in our district to eat and on p days to go do whatever we do. In this part of our mission we get to ride in a car. We have a 2017 Chevy Malibu. That's super nice. Most areas around here get cars. Oh and my companion and I have the same first name. And we have key fobs that scan and can get us into every single chapel in our missions. They open all of them not just the ones in our area or district but all of them in the whole mission. So chapels have become our homes Pretty much. We plan and study there in the mornings.

On Wednesday we taught a non member named Dan. He is so cool. He's like the only black guy in Utah. I guess he has been meeting with the missionaries for like 2 weeks or something like that. This guy seems really interested and wants to know more and he always has questions. This guy is like in his late 30s. He's pretty cool.

On Friday we we fasted for a non-member girl named Emma who wants to get baptized but has family problems. We were teaching three little girls who were recent converts towards the end of the day, and found out that their older brother had ran away a couple days before. His name is Jose. Keep him in your prayers. But at the end of this day we were invited to go mountain biking in a couple weeks on our p day so I'm pumped for that.

On Saturday we woke up and went to the skate park and skated around for about an hour. Later in the day we we knocked on a door and it was a man from South mountain. This is a church that doesn't believe in churches they just believe in Jesus. But anyways they are the kind of people who just want to bash. So he came out and was attacking our church and everything he said contradicted himself and all of the things he was like oh why do you guys do this or that's not true or that's not in the bible, we found answers to all of them in the bible and proved him wrong every time. We were on his porch for like 45 minutes and we decided it wasn't going anywhere so we left. But we for sure won, even though we lost because we weren't able to covert him. But that's because he had lost the spirit at that point because we were bashing and it was hard to keep it in that situation.

We later met with a guy named Joe. He is a guy who has tattoos all over and is kind of a gangster. But he is a super solid guy. And he has a baptismal date set and everything. He's super cool. But we passed him off to the YSA missionaries so we won't be teaching him anymore. And to end that day we both had inspiration during our daily planning to visit this girl named Natalie. And when we got there she seemed kind of down and stuff but we were able to help her and it was definitely what she needed. We didn't go in with a plan to teach but the spirit guided us and we said exactly what she needed to hear. The coolest part though is that afterwards I don't even remember what we talked about. That's proof that we are the Lord's vessels. The spirit spoke through us for her. It was the coolest thing.

On Sundays we only have to go to 3 sacraments so it's not too bad. We ended up teaching a young women's class and had a meeting and at the end of the day we went and knocked on houses that were people who had met with the missionaries in the past but we didn't have much success.

Elder Bassett


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