November 26, 2018




Elder Grant Fletcher

Week 74 - Thanksgiving week

This week has been a great one.

On Tuesday we had a bunch of lessons. First we met with Keith. He is and older dude in a care center who is on date for baptism in December. He had a stroke so he has a hard time talking but he understands what we share.

Then we met with Lele who is a foreign exchange student who is so ready to be baptized. We put her on date for baptism this Thursday but we ended up moving it back to December 8th.

We also met with Catherine who is also in the care center. We might drop her though because we don't think that her memory is good enough to make the decision to be baptized.

We met with Pablo and his mother. We have Pablo on date for baptism but his mom isn't really open to it yet. So we are trying to teach her more and help soften her heart.

We met with Tom. He is a truck driver. He has a son who is a member but is addicted to meth so he's going through a hard time and he has been coming to church and we are helping him stop smoking. We are hoping to put him on date for baptism by the end of the month.

Then we visited with Mike Olivia and Ariana who are on date for baptism this Saturday.

On Tuesday we taught Wanda, the Castañons and Porter. We also shared short messages with 6 member families.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we hung out with our landlords all day. We went to have lunch with all of their family then we played basketball at a church with them. Then that night we stayed up with them and played card games. Also that morning we had a turkey bowl with our mission which was also pretty cool.

Friday we shared messages with members all day.

Saturday we met with George who grew up in a polygamist family. Then we taught at the care center.

Sunday we taught a new family that just moved in who are not members of the church. We also taught Lele again and Mike Olivia and Ariana. Then we taught a kid named Kadian who is 14 and he is on our Stake Presidents football team and we teach him at their house. We taught him the 3rd lesson and asked him what he thought about baptism and he said he can't see himself doing it now but maybe when he's 18. He's 14 right now.

Today was nice. We woke up at 5:30 to play basketball then I took a nap from like 10 till 4. It was so nice to just sleep. Then we went and visited one of my past companions Elder Nish who goes home in about a week. He's from Canada and was one of my favorite companions. It was nice to visit with him.

That's my week. Live life to the fullest!!

Elder Bassett


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