August 20, 2018


Pleasant Grove


Elder Carillo

Week 60

This week has been a pretty good one. We are teaching 2 less actives now that we picked up. One we have been stopping by for a while but we finally have a relationship with him now that he will let us in to teach and talk with him. We always catch him doing wood work in his garage. He is super nice but feels that he can't repent because he has done too much wrong. That is Satan who gets us to think that. And that also plays into the last step of the repentance process. We recognize, we stop, we repent, we make amends, and we drop it.

So many times we take the first 4 steps but we don't let go. We need to recognize what the Savior has done for us and that we need to let go of it. He is struggling with this step before he even takes the other. Don't allow Satan to tell you you are to unworthy to repent. There is no such thing. We can repent whenever we want to. You cannot be to unworthy to repent! The Lord is ready to forgive us for anything and everything that we have ever done that was wrong. It is up to you to make the decision to change!

Also today we went to a trampoline park that had a ninja Warrior course and a room puzzle maze. It was super cool!

Have a great week. Live life to the fullest!

Elder Bassett


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