July 30, 2018


Pleasant Grove


Elder Carillo

Week 57 - Another (week) bites the dust

This last week has been a good one. Our mission started a new thing called M3's. It's where we go and share a 15 min message with members. We start with leadership and work our way down the line. So we don't door contact but we call and set up a short appointment. Our mission president expressed the importance of keeping it a 15 min visit. And this is what he asked us to do with any extra time because between 1 and 5 is a hard time especially in our mission because we don't door contact so this was something he wants us to do. It has been awesome. And at the end we don't ask for referrals or anything but we encourage them to pray to find someone to share the message with or someone you can befriend or share something with. You might not have anyone that is ready yet but that you should pray to have a missionary experience even if it is something small. These have helped a lot sharing these because it helps us gain the trust of others and we are receiving referrals from it.

We have been working with one of our investigators a lot lately. She will be getting baptized this coming Saturday. Thats super exciting.

This morning we went on a hike with some missionaries. It was a pretty fun hike. We got to see a waterfall which made it even better.

It's been nice because we have been having lessons every night. It is crazy how much a lesson can change your day. I know I have shared this before but it is so true. When we teach lessons it brings the spirit so strong but it is up to who we are teaching for them to accept it.

It was weird because I was thinking about when the missionaries came over when I was home and how I never felt the way I do now when I teach. It is because I wouldn't alow myself to feel the spirit. But now that I allow it I have realized how much stronger it brings the holy ghost in my life. And that can make a not so good day into a great day. And it is also so cool when you see the person sitting across from you as you teach and can see them letting the spirit work in them and letting it teach them. Because we as missionaries aren't what is going to get someone to fully convert. It is the holy ghost and its important that we make sure that it is present in each lesson. And it is important that we as members alow it to be with us always so that others can tell and want what you have.

Have a great week. Live life to the fullest!

Elder Bassett


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