July 2, 2018


Pleasant Grove


Elder Carillo

Week 53 - Miracles

This week has been a pretty good week. We have been meeting with Vanessa a couple times a week to help her with reading the Book of Mormon because scriptures can be hard to understand. That has been pretty fun. Because it helps me to focus as we go through also.

We have continued to have lots of service. This week we had almost 12 hours worth of helping people move. Im pretty sure im a professional mover now hahah.

Thursday was my year mark to so I burned a white shirt. Yes that is a thing. I didnt know that till I came on out. That was pretty cool to because I got to do it with Elder Lockhart who came out with me from the MTC.

We also got to meet out new mission president on Friday. He seems pretty cool. He likes to crack jokes though so hes already on my good side hahah.

So the service we have been doing is definitely paid off because on Sunday we were able to put three people on date for baptism. 2 were younger kids brother and sister at ages 9 and 10. And the other was a woman in her 30's who has been attending church for a while and wants to be baptized. we havent had a lesson but she wants to meet at least 3 times a week. So I have a strong testimony of serving because even if it doesnt feel like the most productive thing we could be doing it is helping someone. And like the scripture says as ye are in the service of your fellow men ye are in the service of your Lord, or something like that. As we have been working hard the Lord is providing. It is truly a miracle something that wouldnt happen without the help of the Lord.

Live life to the fullest!!

-Elder Bassett


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