June 13, 2018


Pleasant Grove


Elder Somma

Week 50 - Been a little while

Sorry its been so long.

So lately we have been doing ALOT of service. Its been super nice because we get to put normal clothes on. The service that we have been doing is for some of the other Elders in our districts investigator. And we have been cutting down small trees pulling them out and burning all of the stuff in her junk piles.

But the first day we were working there, Elder Nish (one of my old companions) was swinging the ax at one of the trees and it bounced off and hit his foot. It was a good thing he was wearing boots or it would have went straight through his foot but we had to take him to a doctor and get stitches in his foot. The cool part was that I got to drive since his foot was bleeding everywhere. And we got to watch them stitch it.

Then the next day we started burning things and it got pretty scary because we burned it pretty high that it almost caught the bigger trees on fire. It was also one of the hottest fires ive been around.

Recently we have been teaching a couple people. One of them is a lady who is a non member. It is super exciting because she is starting to take bigger steps towards baptism. The next step is that she needs to get married because she is living with her boyfriend. It is so exciting to see the big steps that the gospel can bring.

The other lady we are teaching is sister Terry who is less active. It is also really cool to see the change in people who may already know the gospel but just need a little help.

This Sunday I had the opportunity to give a talk on the holy ghost. It has to be my favorite talk so far because I feel that the spirit is something that I have learned the most about since coming on my mission and it something that I am so grateful for and to have an understanding of. It is truly amazing to understand the spirit as it speaks to you. It is definitely one of the most important things I feel like I needed to learn also.

Have a great week. Live life to the fullest!!

Elder Bassett


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