April 16, 2018


American Fork


Elder James

Week 42 - Week gone

So this week has been a good one.

We did have to move Diego's baptism back though but we are meeting with him twice a week now so we he should be baptized in 2 weeks now.

Something cool that I noticed this week is the small miracles that happen all the time as I have been serving. So a few days ago we were knocking on the door of a house that these less active members live at who we have been helping to be sealed in the temple to each other. We hadn't met with them in a while so that's why we were knocking. They didn't answer but for some reason I felt like I should look to see if their car was there. I have no reason why and the more baffling thing is that I went back there. But when I did I saw them back there working in their car. It's so cool having the spirit around to guide me through this time in my life. It's awesome being able to receive promptings all the time. Being worthy to receive those promptings are so cool when you see them play out because I feel like a sidekick hahah.

So yesterday I ran into a missionary who served in my home ward while I was in my second and third transfer. So around Halloween ish. And he isn't even from our area but he went to one of our wards because his sister is or was getting married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. And it's funny cuz he had dinner with my family and stuff. Yeah but apparently he's from some eastern state but it was funny how we bumped into each other.

Oh and this week's weather has been super weird again. One day it was warm enough to give me a sunburn then the next it snowed.

Have a great week. Live life to the fullest!

Elder Bassett


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