March 12, 2018


American Fork


Elder Garza

Week 37 - Lots of Meetings

Things this week have gone well. We had done conference this week which is a really long meeting and we had President interviews which is kind of a meeting along with our district meeting and our correlation meeting. So we had about 14 hours worth of meetings this week.

But something that our President wants us to be doing is teaching 2 active member families from each ward once a week. So it would just be us going to members houses and teaching a lesson because everyone needs the spirit in their home and there could be struggles that they may be going through that we don't know and it can help improve our teaching skills. So in our area that would add 14 more lessons each week to our schedule which will be awesome and definitely help us get to know the members and potentially get us more referrals. Could potentially be teachiing 22 lessons a week plus what we can hopefully be getting from the referrals it brings.

This week it seemed like we taught the word of wisdom a lot. Its funny because a lot of people around here always think we can't drink coffee because of the caffeine so that's something we have to correct a lot. But it's cool seeing the change and the things people go through and just deciding to give up their addictions and put all of their efforts into that just so they can make it to the temple. It is so awesome especially when we get to promise them blessings. It definitely brings the spirit a lot stronger and it is so amazing seeing the change as we stop by.

Well I hope you all have a great week. Live life to the fullest!

Elder Bassett


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