January 2, 2018


American Fork


Elder Nish

Week 27 - Transfer calls

So this week my comp went home on Friday. His travel time was 40 hours. I kind of feel bad for him hahah. But I was put into a trio with Elder Nish and Syfer. It has been pretty fun.

So for new years we went to a chapel with our district at 6 and shot around and played board games till 9. So that was different than normally hahah. We didn't make it till 12. I guess I'm getting old hahah, just kidding.

So we got transfer calls this week and my new comp is Elder Nish hahah the one I'm in a trio with right now and we will be covering both of our areas and another stake. We don't know if we will be having a car yet. But we will be staying in their apartment so we will actually be living in our area.

We haven't had too much work this week because of the holidays but we did have a lot of chances for service. I love doing service, not only because usually we get to wear normal clothes but being able to see people change. Because there are a lot of people who seem kind of afraid of us or something but when we are doing service for them they start to realize that we are actually friendly and don't mind control them hahah. But I believe service is an amazing way to do missionary work and it is a good way to make friends by just offering it.

I hope you all have a great week. Live life to the fullest!

-Elder Bassett
Sorry i dont have more pictures. They are on my camera.
This is another castle chapel.


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