November 13, 2017


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Elder Kyle Halliday

Week 20 - Zone Conference

This week went pretty well. We found out on tuesday from our zone leaders that we we're getting smart phones on Thursday. That was awesome! Its so much easier to text now, and we can get emojis which helps a lot because sometimes we would text to confirm dinners and we would get back a bunch of empty boxes where people would send emojis and we wouldnt know if they were mad or what. And we could never get pictures from the bishops and stuff of the lists they would have on their ward. So thats really nice, and we got those at zone conference.

But what made this zone conference so amazing was that our mission president is now letting us hang out with other missionaries on p days until 12pm. When my comp and I got back to the apartment we started to freak out. We were so pumped!!! That will be so awesome and it will help to make more friends from the mission.

So Megan's baptismal date has been moved back because we arent moving as fast as we first thought which is actually good because she has a lot of questions. And that totally helps when investigators have questions because then we dont fall into old motions. It keeps the lessons exciting. Our other investigators are still progressing but moving slower.

I know i have already shared this but lessons are just so amazing and the spirit is so strong. And its just so cool to see the spirit work through us. There is just nothing else like it. Im just so grateful for the opportunity I have had in serving this mission. I have learned so much and felt the spirit so strong and I have come to recognize the spirit and its promptings and being able to understand its promptings. I wouldnt exchange these experiences for the world.

Sorry I still don't have pictures we haven't been able to get to a computer.

Live life to the fullest!

-Elder Bassett


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