November 6, 2017


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Elder Kyle Halliday

Week 19 - Quick!

This week has been the fastest week of my life! I feel like I was just emailing 2 days ago.
Things have been going great, and we have been very busy! We havent been doing as much teaching as we'd like but we've also had a lot of meetings with all of the wards. We don't have any new investigators but we have been teaching a few inactive and less actives. We have been struggling meeting with our ward mission leaders which makes the work a lot harder, especially since we cover so many wards its hard to get to know people and understand everything on a Ward level.

Wednesday my comp got sick so we didn't leave the apartment til 6, but it was good because I was able to do more studying than usual. That is something I wish we had more time for because there is so much and I just want to know it all but we don't have a lot of time for that. I mean we have a time set apart for studying but I just wish it was longer.

My companion has been getting me to work out, and it sucks!

Winter is coming and I am not ready!

So on Halloween we went through the temple. The temple is so amazing!!! Its so amazing how you can go in with a question and you will get an answer to whatever it is and you will know it is the right answer because it will feel right, and you're in the temple. How could you go wrong with that. The temple is such an amazing place and im so glad I have had the opportunity to go through there and get to go once a quarter while im out on a mission. That is something not everyone can say and i am so grateful for that and would hope that everyone would have that chance. It has blessed my life in so many ways.

Have a great week! Live life to the fullest!!!

-Elder Bassett


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