October 30, 2017


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Elder Kyle Halliday

Week 18 - Day 125

Last week was been pretty sweet! We had zone activity I dont remember if i shared that with you. But thats always fun because we get to see other missionaries. The weather here sucks right now. Because its warm enough during the day that we dont need a sweater but by the time we get home we need a jacket. And since this week we dont have a car we dont have one with us so we just suffer through it hahah.
The work here has been great! We have that golden investigator i think I shared with you last week. Megan. And her boyfriend was inactive but he is changing things around. We have been meeting with all of the bishops and ward mission leaders lately to get referrals and know more about the wards.

So on Halloween we have lock ins with our district where we get locked into a chapel (building) because there are people who dress up like missionaries and do stupid stuff so we get locked in so we dont get blamed for that stuff. But this Halloween we are going to the temple as a mission so that will be sweet.

I cant tell you guys how much fun this transfer is going. It is flying by like Wednesday we'll already be halfway through the transfer. Its crazy but it has been a blast so far. Im definitely going to have stories for when I get home.
I also went on exchanges with Elder Michaud my last comp this week. My comp has all of the pictures from the week. I might send them later today if we can get to a computer. But im not sure if we will.

So we work with a lot of less actives and non members so we try and help them gain their own testimony again or for the first time. Gaining a testimony is so important it is talked about a lot but i dont think it is taken as seriously as it should be. I didnt have a true testimony before coming out. I thought I knew the church was true but it wasnt something I worked for or truly knew. A testimony is something that you have to put in effort to gain. And it seems like most people are to lazy or have "better" things to do. I was one of those people. Which doesnt make sense to me now why I would stay in the church if I didnt know. But I am so greatfull I did. A testimony is something that everyone needs because I dont think we really understand the gospel until we gain our own testimony. A great way to gain that is through the Book of Mormon and praying. Putting in that effort to truly know for yourself. Ive never heard of someone saying they had a bad experience from doing these things so it wont hurt to try. Its the greatest thing ive done besides choosing to go on this mission. Im so grateful for the testimony I have now and I would never take back the experiences I went through to get it.

Live life to the fullest!

-Elder Bassett

Oh and those who email me should do it before p day, just some time through the week then I will reply to you on Mondays. (


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