October 16, 2017


Lehi--Lehi & Lehi Central Stakes


Elder Kyle Halliday

Week 16 - Dope transfer!!!

This transfer has already started off awesome! He is so cool and its super weird because its like we have lived the same life so we get along great. Hes super funny to so it makes the work a lot more fun. Im so pumped for this transfer. Plus we have a lot of work in this area. Something we are going to do different is work a lot closer to our ward mission leaders. Because they know the wards a lot better since we cover 2 stakes and a bunch of wards. So through them it should help out the work a lot. We have been waking up earlier for morning basketball in one of our stakes so that has been fun getting into that again. Something that has been kind of bad though is that since I get along with my new comp so well we have been staying up late talking so it makes waking up harder. You would think since we are with each other that we wouldnt have that much to say at night but we just get along so well i guess. Since we are in a car share area we are able to be with other missionaries on the p days we dont have cars. So today we hung out with Elder Dahl and Bratt. So that was a blast too.

So in the stake we lost we were teaching the Petersons and Sister Peterson had her re-baptism on Saturday so that was super awesome. Elder Casperson was able to go also because him and my trainer were comps the transfer before me and taught her so he was there. I hope one day I can serve with him. He is super cool. I will send pictures from the baptism. Well ttyl. Live life to the fullest!!

- Elder Bassett

There are pictures from the baptism
The super close up is my new comp Elder Halliday
And the one in the sweater is Elder Casperson
And the one ho;ding the BoM is also Elder Halliday


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