October 9, 2017


Lehi--Lehi & Lehi Central Stakes


Elder Kyle Halliday

Week 15 - Transfers

Dang not too much happened this week. We had CDM which is a zone meeting that lasts like 3 or 4 hours. Those can be pretty cool because we get to see other missionaries. We also had a stake conference in the Gateway stake which was pretty good and during the Sunday session there was this speaker who passed out in the middle of his talk. They had to carry him off of the stage and the medics had to come. So that was crazy.

This week is our transfer week and we got the call this morning and i will be staying in this area but we will no longer cover the Gateway stakes which kind of stinks because that was my favorite stake. They had 2 of the coolest families, the Petersons and the Ehats. But now our area is a part time car area so we get the car every other week. And my new comp. will be Elder Haliday. I know him because we have been in the same zone for the past 2 transfers. He is a Texan and he has been out only a transfer longer than I have. So my prediction was kind of off because i thought I would train hahah. But im super pumped for this transfer. We got one of the coolest missionaries as our zone leader. His name is Elder Critchly he was my trainers like best friend. Hes someone I would love to be companions with. But another cool thing is that even though my comp. is getting transferred he will still be my district leader so we will be going on exchanges sometime. But its sweet that im staying because that means i dont have to pack.

The work here is doing well. But now that the area is going to split that means we will no longer have the 2 boys we have on date for baptism. And sister Peterson is getting re-baptized at that wont be in our area so Ill be missing out on those 2. But we might be able to get permission to go to them.

Have a great week! Live your life to the fullest!
-Elder Bassett

We saw this bus it was in the bottom corner of our mission.


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