October 3, 2017


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Elder Josh Michaud

Week 14 - Last Week

Last week was a pretty good week. Tuesday we had zone conference. That is a day that the zone gets together and our mission president talks to us about stuff. The APs do the same and our zone leaders do also. But this was a combined one so we had 2 zones together at this meeting and it started at like 8:30 and went till almost 4 so that took up most of the day. I took a picture there with Elder Casperson who was my trainers last companion before me. He is super cool and i would love to be companions with him. On Wednesday we went on exchanges so i went with Elder Dahl. That was a super fun exchange and we had dinner with this super cool family and we played foosball in their basement and it got pretty intense. They also had this ball type thing called a hoverball and they bought us both one since we don't live in the same apartment and i spent the night there and he lives with my old landlord Karl. So that was super sweet to be able to catch up with him.

On Thursday we taught the 2 boys who are on date. But they have been having a problem with getting to church and they need to go to at least 3 sacrament meetings before they can get baptized but they are doing really well. Then on Friday we taught a girl named Duta who has been progressing but she needs to receive an answer to her prayers. So we hope that can happen because when it does we hope to get her baptized. Then Saturday was weird because of conference. So we got ready and everything and realized that conference started at 10 which is when we usually head out for the day so we put our pajamas back on and watched it from our tablets at our place. Then we had lunch and had to head up and meet up with Elder Dahl because him and my companion were going to Priesthood session live.

So we went on exchanges and Elder Bratt and I watched the 2nd session at Karl's my old landlords house. After that we did some contacting in Elder Bratts area. Then we went out to dinner at some bbq place with some members. Then priesthood session started and the closest place was mine and Elder Michauds place so we went back there and i forgot Elder Michaud had the keys so I broke in through our room window and we watched that session at our place. Then Sunday we watched both sessions with one of our stake presidents Brother Ehat. They are a super cool family.

Today we had our district activity. Which we pretty much did what we did as a zone last week but on a smaller scale. General conference was super good. My favorite talk was probably i think it was the first talk on Saturday but now that im thinking about it it might have been the first talk on Sunday where it talked about the book of mormon and it was great bible bashing stuff hahah. But i also like President Uchtdorf talk when he talked alot about faith. I think i liked it because it is a common topic that we teach and seems to be a problem with some people to find out is our church is true. They need to show a little faith to receive their answers. Well i got to get to gettin but i love you all and make sure you live your life to the fullest!

-Elder Bassett

Elder Casperson is in the grey suit

Elder Bratt is the one sitting next to me

Elder Dahl is in the floral tie


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