September 19, 2017


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Elder Josh Michaud

Week 12 - Crazy weird week

So this week has been pretty good. A lot of our lessons have fallen through this week. But it has been pretty good. Now that school has started and stuff it a lot harder to catch people during the day. So when we go out finding theres a lot of doors not answered. But its alright because we are blessed for every door we knock.

This week has already been a weird week. So our p day was supposed to be today then they changed it to be for tomorrow and then they changed it back to today. Its because we are having a temple trip and other meetings this week are conflicting so now apparently we are going to the temple today or maybe tomorrow. We still arent sure so... But today is our p day though and apparently we get like an hour of p day tomorrow i guess. I dont know this week is all weird though.

Yesterday we went on exchanges because my comp is a district leader so he has to go on exchanges with everyone in the district. So yesterday i went with Elder Bratt. He is is a greeny. He just came in this transfer So we were both new out there together. But it was super fun. But it was awesome though because we were cleaning up our area book because he was in my area and we found this dude in there who was meeting with the missionaries before. But the cool part was that he was black. There are NO black people here in Utah. So we stopped by him and talked a little bit and i guess he played in the NFL for the Packers and now hes an MMA fighter so thats pretty sick we werent able to set up a time but he told us to come back so thats pretty sweet!

The weather changed fast here. It was like 85 here yesterday and today its like 60 and overcast and wet. So that kinda stinks cuz i dont really like the cold. But im gonna have to face it cuz it snows a lot here i guess.

Sorry i dont have any pictures this week. Ill try and do better about that.

Live life to the fullest!
-Elder Bassett


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