May 14, 2018




Elder Dove

Mother's day week

Hello mom,
This week was pretty good. I hope you're doing well. I'm doing pretty dang well. Life is still good here this week, it flew by, just like last week. The weeks feel like days, the days feel like hours, they are very short. It’s like we just wake up, we leave the boarding, and we come back in an hour, we are done,….next day. So, I think that's a good thing, I don’t know, I think. But I am very well. I hope you liked that recording. I hope you enjoy listening to these better than reading my 2 sentence emails that I send you. I like it a lot better.
This week we had zone conference… No, it was a mission tour. So we had Elder Palmer of the 70 and his wife and then also we had Elder Nielsen, I think he’s a 70, but he’s like pretty high up there in the missionary department. He’s in charge of all the missionary stuff, And he was in Africa because he’s giving their mission presidents a training. So Elder Palmer snagged him and pulled him over to our zone conference so we were able to have two general authorities. It’s pretty cool. So from zone conference, I like it a lot, Sister Nielson she shared with us (insert Texas accent)“how to be a Nielson”. She’s from Texas. She didn’t even need to tell us she’s from Texas. I already knew. She sounds like it. “ I’m going to tell you guys how to be a Nielson. This is how you be a Nielson”, and she shared with us all about her family and what not, …what they like. But, it was about companionships. Basically the gist of it was “it’s OK not be a Nielson” talking about how your companions are not all going to be the same, which is really good for me. Because that’s something I‘ve actually been praying about for the last couple of weeks because Elder Dove , we get along just fine, but definitely not the same as Elder Ondrekec. Me and Elder Ondrekec , we are the same…the same freaking person. It’s weird. But Elder Dove is way different. I love him though, he’s good. So that’s what Sis Neilson talked about. And then, also, as part of zone conference, Elder Palmer pulled a few people aside, like 3 or 4 people aside. And he wanted to interview them and I was one of them. So he just pulled me into a room and talk to me . He asked me about my family, about how my mission is going , asked if I had any questions. It was pretty short it took 1 or 2 minutes….kinda cool. He was asking me how my mission has been going. He asked me about my companionship. But, it was pretty nice….pretty nice.
Another thing this week is… I think I told you last week I finished the Book of Mormon. The day I recorded that I finished the Book of Mormon right after that. So I re-started the same day, and this time I’m reading with a book that’s like a study guide. So, I’m studying the Book of Mormon closer. This week I’m reading 1st Nephi. I finished 1st Nephi this morning; I’m taking my time. I’m moving on to 2nd Nephi. I'm also reading a chapter of Doctrine and Covenants everyday and hopefully I get a lot out of the Book of Mormon this time around. Reading’s not that hard on a mission. It’s not an issue for me anymore. I enjoy it most the time. Sometimes I’m still like “oh, this sucks”, but I don’t mind it.
Ummm… what else can I tell you about this week? I met some cool people at zone conference. I got to know a few people better especially Elder Barbery. Elder Barbery is also new he came in the transfer after me so he’s newer than I am, which is impressive. He’s from Idaho, Blackfoot. We actually have a sister missionary that’s from our ward/ branch in Geroge. She’s serving in Blackfoot Idaho right now, which is kinda cool. But he’s super cool...but he’s also fetching freaking rich. I bought this voice recorder and he wanted to see it and then he pulled his and it is the one I was looking at buying but I didn't want to spend twice as much, but he bought it. But, I was like “oh man, this one’s nice”. But, this voice recorder fulfills me needs, so it’s good.
For piano, I haven't learned anything on the piano since I've been on my mission. Sometimes I just play it at the church, but I don’t really play it for any meetings. Sis Bowlman is pretty good at piano, she’s ok, not as good as you. But, we also have some missionaries, Elder Adams – he’s from Arizona, he plays the piano really good. Also, Elder Ivans- from Utah, he plays the piano really good.
I can tell you about Honey, our recent convert, Honey is pregnant. She was pregnant long before she got baptized but we didn’t know. She’s already kinda going less active, but she still comes to church like ever other week. She needs to step it up. She’s pretty cool. She’s only 19 and she’s already got one kid and one kid on the way…..whatever, pretty interesting. And then Tabella, she’s…. Both of these people, their husbands are members, so that’s how they got baptized. Both of these, we also got them married so they could get baptized. Tabella’s still doing pretty good. Her and her husband read the Book of Mormon together all the time, they pray, and they are amazing. They also feed us. Tabella feeds us and she’s good at cooking, so that’s nice.
What are some things from home I want to know about? Thanks for sending pictures. I always appreciate pictures. Send pictures of Buddy or something, the dog, and junk. I also like to see projects. I hear you are doing a lot with your room, good…. stuff dad’s building and the media center and the TV. You guys are rolling in the dough, mom. You guys are rich because I left… (laughs) oh man. 4 months has gone by pretty quick. Anyways I will talk to you tomorrow on Mother’s day. Wait, I will talk to you before I even send this to you. This is weird now, whatever. I guess I will talk to you tomorrow and you get this the next day. Bye, I love you .

Well, hello Dad,
Last time I made this recording in the church when I was emailing. This time, it's Saturday, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow anyway, and you’ll also hear this. So, it’s kinda weird, I’m recording this, I'll talk to tomorrow, then you'll hear this the next day. It’s kinda pointless, recording this, but I'm doing it anyway because I love you…that’s why.
This week was very good. My scripture study has increased substantially. I’m reading out of this companion to your Book a Mormon study, I think it's called. But, it gives a lot of background and insights that make it very interesting. I learn a lot. I’ve studied the whole of 1st Nephi this week with that book and I'm also reading chapter out of Doctrine and Covenants. But I found some interesting things that it talks about Columbus , people who colonized America, how there are blessings that are promised still to the people in North and South America – like just to those people… the promised land. It's pretty cool learning stuff.
We had zone conference this week and that was awesome. We got to talk to Elder Neilson and his wife and then Elder Palmer and his wife. They are both 70’s, I think. That was awesome. I liked Elder Nielson especially. He was a very powerful man for sure. We saw Pres. Lebethoa and his wife. So zone conference was great. Elder Palmer talked about our studies and how we should use the Book of Mormon and how we should study the Book of Mormon and all that. Sis Palmer talked about setting goals which is something that I’ve been interested in for my whole life because I’ve set goals. You’ve been able to see that, that I’ve set goals my whole life and things I’ve been able to accomplish.
This week we did some services. Yesterday we did service at Flora and Luciel’s house. They are 2 old ladies, two single old ladies, and Bro. Caper, an old man helped them. And he wanted us to help him help them….if that makes any sense. But he’s such an old man. People here just throw trash everywhere. So, there are just piles and piles of trash in their backyard from people who lived there before and he wanted to sift out all the trash and throw it away and then smooth out the soil and what not. Then there's this pile of trash, and people here also like to dig holes for their trash…. stupid, so stupid. So, we are looking for a place to dig a hole to bury this pile of trash. And everywhere, they've already dug holes and there is trash buried there. So we went next to this tree, it’s in between 2 big trees actually and he starts digging this hole and he wants us to help him. We start helping him and there's just roots everywhere and it's super hard dirt. And he’s just like we are going to dig this, this is easy, slow but sure, just take your time. I doubt that hole will ever get dug. We had to leave. So we left and he was gonna keep on digging this hole through big roots. We’ll see, I don’t know why he doesn’t just borrow someone’s bucky. People call trucks here bucky's. Borrow someone’s truck and bring it to the dump, it would be easier for sure.
When we drove to PE (Port Elizabeth), I always drive to PE. I’m the driver. I like driving, nobody else likes driving. So, I drive. I love it; a 4 hour drive, pretty nice. Let’s see, my companionship, we’re doing pretty good. I think we have improved a lot this last week working together. We are way different, we are opposites. I like things nice neat, he doesn't care how things are, he just likes it clean- no germs. I don't really care about germs; I just care about how things look really. But we are working on each other and I think we are doing pretty good. Part of the training was about companionships and how we can improve and I think that’s definitely something that will help me. You asked about having a companion that actually wakes up. It feels like it sucks but it’s good. I don’t really like waking up. I’ve gotten used to him, Elder Onderkec, and just not waking up. But, now we wake up every morning 6:30 a.m. , we run every morning 6:30, and then we can do whatever for the rest of the time. Run, polish my shoes, get in the shower, iron my clothes, all that junk. But, it’s not bad.
Before we went to PE we gave Tato Inchabella, Bro Inchabella, a blessing since he’s working on getting a new job. He's going to an interview and he wanted us to give him a blessing before he went. So, I did that. I’ve given a lot of blessings since I’ve been here. They told me that I would only give a few, but I’ve given a lot since I’ve been here. As well with Stanley, Stanley’s wife we gave a blessing, she’s very sick. Hopefully she gets better. But, Stanley is Molayian. He feeds us all the time; it’s awesome. There’s a new investigator that we visited this week. Her name is Sis Nati. She is the 1st person has ever looked at the picture about 1st Vision, you know where shows Joseph Smith with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ above him, and it’s like a painting. She just looked at that picture and she just said “ah that's amazing that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ” without us explaining it all. She just said that, so that was crazy. Nobody has ever said that; even after we read it they don't know who it is. But, this lady, she knows, she’s good. So, hopefully we can put her in the water; baptize her. I hope you like these recordings. I will see you tomorrow and you’ll tell me. But if you don't them, that sucks because I like them. Talk to you tomorrow, I love you. Mission’s great. Bye.


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