April 30, 2018




Elder Dove

New comp

hello (dad), wow this week has been eventful for you. That's super cool that Roy is going to Guatemala, and is Brendan Coon going to the gana mtc? I can see the pictures this time, that (nightstands) is looking really nice. It should look really great when it it all finished.
My new companion is elder dove, he is from England. He has been out for 20 months so he is nearing the end, But he played and coached soccer his whole life. And he is very very good, he had to stop playing because he blew his knee out 2 like Trey, but wants to continue coaching. He knows lot's of pro players and has played for some big teams i just don't know much about soccer. He is much better at waking up, so we wake up right at 6:30 every morning and it makes it so we have a lot more time to do whatever in the morning. Our investigators have all just gone down hill. We are basically starting from scratch other that a couple investigators. Toto is gone after watching that movie. We will be able to Skype on mothers day. we will go to our branch president's house, i don't know if you need to do anything. I'll figure it out.
By the way, Happy birthday!
hello (mom),
Yes i got the picture's thank you. that teacher walk out thing sounds pretty serious. I wonder what will happen to fix it. sounds like you are just as busy as you usually are. I think i am going to purchase a voice recorder so i can make recordings throughout the week and just send them to people on monday. I think you will like that a lot more because you will get a lot more information. I do not like sitting down and typing. This week has been very slow, we saw a lot of members and less active's. we are working on using the members more to find solid investigators. we help someone in our ward move. Elder dove is awesome. he is a convert.


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