April 23, 2018




Elder Ondracek


hello dad,
I havent met my new companion yet but i will on wednesday. his name is elder dove. from england. served in cape town before coming to me. he was the zone leader. he has been on his mission for 20 months. we did not get the car fixed yet, it will cost R7000 so they need approval. we did not get to teach that much this week. hopefully me and elder dove can pick things back up. in the morning we wake up at 6:30 then it is mostly up to us when we do things. From 6:30 to 10:00 we need to exercise, get ready, plan, and study. then we do comp study during the day in the area. we are not that good at waking up on time because elder ondracek is really bad at waking up.
That sucks that the evap coil needs replaced. But is it also under warrenty? you should send me pictures of the designs you made for a night stand. Just send pictures of ANYTHING. seeing pictures makes emailing a lot easier.
hello mother
sounds like you had your average week, theater, piano, cake...... this week was very boring for us. nothing too nice happened. we did get transfer news though. elder ondracek is being transferred to cape town and i am getting a new companion that is actually coming from elder ondraceks new area. so they are just switching area's i guess. my new companion is elder dove. he is a big black guy from england. apparently he has a thick english accent so i am pretty excited to see how that goes. today president lebethoa is actually in george so i got to sit down with him. he came to our boarding and was very impressed with how nice it was and how clean it is. but he gave us some council, well he mostly gave me some council on how i can improve the work in george because it has slowed down a lot in the past 6 weeks. the investigator named toto that ignored anti-mormon literature last week was hit hard with anti-mormon crap again this week. sadly he downloaded a 4 hour documentary made by some other church in utah, so he didn't come to church. Instead he got drunk so when we visited him he was drunk and was not happy with us. we will probably not visit him again. we want to have a fireside with the whole ward in the 3rd hour about member missionary work. we do have members that feed us. Zanele, Mtyobile's, moyo's, stanley.... pretty nice. we also helped a rich white family move into our area and they fed us. they are the boreham's. That plaque looks super nice. Arent they usually half that size?
Daniel's question is what are the toilets like? Do they flush? And if so, what direction does it swirl?
well, the toilets are a little different. there is no underground plumbing so you can see the sewage pipes come out the back of the toilet, and ummm they swirl the opposite way. duhh, it's the opposite side of the world


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