April 2, 2018




Elder Ondracek

Happy Easter

Yeah, the area mental health guy did call us and talk to us. But i mean, we are fine. I honestly don't even find the situation unusual because a lot of people here are just stupid. Toward the end of the month everybody gets paid and they blow there money on beer. I have only seen saturday morning and afternoon sessions. we will watch the sunday sessions next week. Can you please send me a picture of the corvette and the mustang if there is one on the computer. there should be. Do you know who gary player is? he is a professional golfer and he has a house in knysna, the elders there taught him because his wife is a member. And have you ever heard of jeffery's bay. Apparently it is a very famous surfing spot, I have been there. On the way to zone conference we drive by the 3rd largest bungy jump, 216 meters! I really wanna do it.

well, I have only seen the saturday morning and afternoon sessions but i like the talk that talked about how success is impossible without mistakes.. Also Taylor G. godoy gave the talk about one more day. living each day like it is your last. We had a few investigators come to watch conference. Nelson is a guy that doesn't speak much english, he speaks portugese. He really wants to come to church but this was his first time actually coming, so that was good. Also toto is a guy that is the brother of a less-active member. he quit smoking and drinking. And he came to church for the first time, he even brought his girlfriend and daughter. They are both on baptismal date. We watched the saturday sessions this sunday and we will watch the sunday sessions next week. I actually did get to see half of sunday morning because i was at our branch president's house and he is rich so he actually has wifi.


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