March 19, 2018




Elder Ondracek


Sounds like you had a great spring break. I did as well. haha. I'm glad to hear that wade liked the stuff you sewed for him. my week has been awesome. We didn't have to do anything weird this week. we didn't have to drive anywhere outside our area and it was just super chill. we just sat back and enjoyed the ride while we we taught tons of different people. I don't really have anything to update you on other than 2 of the young men in our branch called called to serve in Johannesburg. one of them is also our best fellow-shipper so it will suck to loose him in April. we also started emailing in the church building this week because apparently they had 2 laptops the entire time so now we don't have to pay to email.
(to dad)
Mom sent a picture of the map you ordered, It looks pretty sweet. you will just have to get another one so you can both have one. I hate to admit it but while i was home, every night before i went to bed i watched youtube videos, kinda like you read books. But now that i am on my mission, I too have started to read. I read all the time. I already finished our search for happiness, and our heritage, now i am starting on jesus the christ which should last me for a while. I am also at alma 24 in the book of mormon. I bet you are happy to hear this.
send a picture of the completed candy dispenser. and i hope you can stay ahead of the weeds. a guy in my branch here is a painter and i think it would be cool to buy this really good painting from him and send it home. I'm thinking about it. But, i would do it if it was Christmas time but it is a long ways away from Christmas.


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