March 12, 2018




Elder Ondracek

Spring Break

Hi Mom,
sounds like you have had a pretty good week. we don't get a spring break here but i hope you enjoy yours. did wade like the seat that you covered for him? send me a picture of it please, i would like to see how it turned out.
this week has been ok, we went to the kango caves last monday and that was awesome. i sent you some pictures and video's of inside it. there was 2 options for it, and we did the adventure tour which was well worth it. we got to crawl inside tiny tunnels and big chambers so it was well worth the money.
Tuesday we went on exchanges and i went to knysna again. that was ok. i would always rather be in George in my own house because it is the best. Monday was also elder ondracek's birthday and he bought us all Texas grill, steak and sushi. The rest of the week was business as usual. on Sunday i was sick so that sucked. we went to church and a couple appointments but then we canceled the rest because i was too sick. but today i feel fine.
That is cool that you found my house on google maps, i do live right across from a school. It is nice. we share the house with another person, it is split into 2 so if there is a satellite dish then it is our neighbors. we don't have a TV. we email at an internet cafe in town.
It has already been 2 months since i left so time is going pretty quick. I am still enjoying myself here in africa. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know of anything you want pictures of.
Love you, elder allen

Hi Dad,
It's good that you are still going to the gym every day. The work benches are looking good. you should be able to use them quite a bit. Send me a picture of the entertainment center the martin's gave you, I've heard about it but not seen it. Mom told me about wade. I knew that he lived over there (where we lived) before. She told me about how he mentioned that a family had a child drown in that ditch. I bet he felt bad. How much did he pay her? That sucks that the Mazda is giving you problems, at least it is just the air conditioning not the engine. but you should fix it. And i hope the Nissan continues to work, but how much could you sell it for? Lindsay told me she will pop around the end of the month.
Last month I think the mission had like 30 baptisms. Last year they had a total of around 400 baptisms. Elder ondracek has probably 4.5 months left on his mission. But i will not be with him that whole time most likely. I should be with him for 1 more transfer then he will probably leave George and i will stay. Most of the people we teach are in a township area. a lot of them are in shacks and a lot are in crappy houses. but we don't teach any white people.Nobody really has internet in there house and most people dont have any data. most people have a tv unless they are super poor.
daniel sent me some chips, chocolate,and muffins. The grub here is kinda limited but doritos and pringles are good, candy is good and those muffins are good. they did just drop it off at our flat. Love you, bye


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