March 5, 2018




Elder Ondracek

last couple of weeks

The last couple weeks have been awesome. there has been up's and down's but in general i am doing great. A little bit about my area, in George there is one branch that actually has like 200 members but we usually have about 60 actually coming to church. there is always more work for us to do. the closest elders to us are in Knysna 45 minutes away and we see them 1 or 2 times a week. But this area is awesome, probably the best in the mission so there is nowhere to go but down from here, haha.
This last week I did a lot of driving. We had zone conference which is all the way in Port Elizabeth so we had to drive 4 hours to get there. And because I like driving so much I was the driver the whole way there and back. And there are some cool roads but there are cameras everywhere so you always have to follow the speed limit or you will get a ticket unlike in America where you just have to be careful. I have gotten used to driving on the left side of the road on the right side of the car and it is just natural now. Cool story, the other day we were doing our daily planning like always and I heard a car start. I immediately looked up and said, "I hear a v8". me and my companion both like cars. So i go outside and started looking around and i end up walking inside this guys gate and his garage was open. There was 2 brand new camero's sitting in my neighbor's garage which is crazy here. You see more Ferrari's and Rolls Royce's than camero's.
Anyway, in PE we met up with a bunch of other elders that stay in PE. I also got to see the other missionary in my mtc transfer so that was a great reunion. The first thing we did was go bowling. Then we had interviews with the mission president. The next day we had zone conference. I met a ton of missionaries. Then the next day I drove all the way back to George.
The most exciting part of the week was my 2nd baptism though. Tabela has been investigating the church for a long time and the problem was that she was living with her boyfriend who is a member. But, they finally got married a few weeks ago then last Saturday she was baptized and i confirmed her a member on Sunday. She is a great person and hopefully she will continue learning more and building her testimony.
Let me know if there is anything that you guys want to know about Africa or anything.

hi mom,
that's cool that Emily john is already home. i guess time flies. and tell Joseph to email me. this week Daniel sent me some junk food from woolworths. that was awesome. and how did wade even ask you to do it (covering for rv cushions) for him? did he knock on your door and ask or did Justin tell him that you could do it? anyway that's cool. keep going on all your projects.
As for the baptism, it went great. it was at 12:00 on Saturday. we had 2 people planned to speak. one of them did speak but the branch president told us last minute that the other person should not speak. probably because he is going through a repentance process. so i got to wing it and talk a little bit about the holy ghost. i shared john 14:26. then elder ondracek was the one to actually baptize her. afterwards they even brought refreshments which doesn't happen too often so that was awesome.then yesterday in sacrament meeting i confirmed her a member and gave her the gift of the holy ghost so that was cool to do that for the first time. today is elder ondracek's birthday so we are gonna have a really nice lunch and go to the kango cave's. I also bought a new pair of shoes already because my black pair kinda sucked so i bought some nice durable ones that would last. they were R680 which is pretty expensive here.
For the scripture on my plaque use helaman 5:12.

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