February 26, 2018




Elder Ondracek

last week in Feb

hi mom.
sounds like you guys are keeping pretty busy, the house looks awesome with those lights. it's nice to see an american house because every house here is either a shack or brick. and they think american houses suck but they really don't know what air conditioning is and how nice our houses are. at least they are happy with what they have. the elephant riding was pretty cool. really expensive, i spent 600 rand off my home car on that dumb elephant and i will never do it again. cool experience to do once. still enjoying it here. nothing has been really bad and me and my companion still get along pretty well.

(to Tim)hello,
wow, that sounds like a huge pain in the butt to get there (to New Orleans). hopefully it is pretty cool there though. In the shacks they usually do have electricity for 1 light and a hot plate. but no fridge or anything else. the government builds a field of toilets and the shacks are built near them so many different shacks use the same toilet. they usually buy the food the same day they eat it if they want meat or anything that needs refrigerated and they eat a lot of rice or pap. a lot of them have jobs making like 160 rand for a 10 hour work day which is like 12 dollars so they are dirt of our recent converts make 160 a day and gets paid for the whole month at 1 time but he has to wait an extra month just to get paid for the last month of work, and of course he wants to take us to kfc when he gets paid but we won't let him pay for us. people aren't really smart with there money here. people wouldn't be so poor if they followed the word of wisdom,haha.
our investigators are Linda, a Rastafarian that is very smart and challenges everything we teach with questions but she is coming along. Ayabonga is a crazy guy with one eye that loves to talk about things that don't matter and tries to argue but all of his questions are super easy. we wanted to drop him because he isn't going anywhere so we said we would only come back if he started going to church and sure enough he was at church so we will continue. Thabela is the lady who just got married and will be baptized on Saturday. one of the members is Stanley, we love going to Stanley because its always a party at his house(shack). i will send a video from in his house and a picture of him when we have a bria(bbq).but he loves having us over and helps us out by giving good referrals and coming with us to teach them.


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