February 19, 2018




Elder Ondracek

This week

hello mom,

my talk went very well. there were two speakers before me and an intermediate hymn. but of course they didn't speak for very long to i had to turn my 15 minute talk into almost a 30 minute take, but i prepared for it because i figured that would happen. i spoke about how evil appears good and good appears evil. elder quinten L. cook gave a devotional at byu in February 2017 about it. i am writing all my talks in that little note pad you got for me and i will just save them all in it. we have exchanges with the zone leaders last week and elder Clark went with us. he is the third missionary in the pictures i sent you of us in the car. he is a funny guy.
the stores here are a lot smaller and they don't have as much variety as the stores in Arizona. they have different names for a lot of the things we have in america. our area is kind of big i guess but i haven't been in other area's so i don't have a point of reference. there is only one small branch in our area. hopefully they will build a church building here soon because they have a super nice plot of land that is in a very popular location right across from a huge mall right when you enter George. if they built the church building then i think the membership would increase much faster and they could become a ward. there is only us 2 missionaries in the area other than the senior missionaries and the closest missionaries are 45 minutes away. we will go there right after we are done emailing and today we are going to ride elephants so i will send you some cool pictures next week. but it is nice to hear from you guys so keep it up, and keep sending pictures of whatever.... of the landscape lights, i want to see those.
oh, and about receiving packages, there is a fee for receiving them but it is not 50 dollars it is 50 rand which is like 5 dollars

hello dad,
the workbenches are looking good, they just need the top now. so what do you want them for? is it so you can have them up against a wall but then roll them out into the middle of the garage to put big things on? anyway they look nice. that's good that you helped Austin with his brakes because he is paranoid about everything on that car so it doesn't surprise me that he thought the brake lights were out.
George is a really nice town, there are some nice houses especially in wilderness which is just east of George, thembuletu is the township where all the shacks are if you want to look it up. I'm lucky to start in George because it is the best area. we have the nicest boarding and we are the most isolated. the closest missionaries are in knysna which is 45 minutes east. we meet up with them every Monday and Friday. knysna is a big tourist destination. last Friday we went there for district meeting and after went to this restaurant right on the water kinda like that one in Oregon by the Florence dunes. we have sushi because Friday is half off sushi so that tasted super good.
Most of our successful contacting is through members but we do go tracting and last week we got like 10 new investigators through knocking on doors.
In the mtc, they gave us oil and had us consecrate it. but they told us that we would only use it a few times on our mission. i have given 4 blessings in the past 2 weeks. so we are using it quite a bit.
members feed us often, it is almost always chicken and rice. I tried pap once so far and it is not that good. it may look like mashed potato's but it is a solid not a liquid. you should find a restaurant that has it and try it. we got fed chicken hearts and that wasn't too bad. nothing like good old american food.

good luck finishing those work benches. love you


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