February 12, 2018




Elder Ondracek

Hello from South Africa

Hello everybody,

the last month has been pretty awesome, i was in the mtc for 3 weeks which is just brutal. we had the same schedule of non stop learning every single day for 3 entire weeks so i was happy to get out of it. then i got on a plane and flew to cape town where the mission office and mission home are. we got to go to signal hill and see the entire city which was cool and the next day we were assigned our area's and companions. i would be going to the George are and my companion is elder ondracek!
we have to take planes to the different area's because of how spread out it is so i had a flight to port Elizabeth and then we drove 4 hours to our boarding in george. elder ondracek is from Las Vegas and he is super cool. we are both american and he loves talking about america. you never know how great america really is untill you leave to a place like Africa. but we have been getting along very well.we have very nice boarding so i am fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer. for all those who have heard about the drought in cape town, it does not effect my area. we have more than enough water and plenty of rain so i will live. Elder ondracek has been on mission for 18 months and has yet to actually serve in Capetown. i hope i get to serve there at least once, haha
As for the actual missionary work here, we have an OK pool of investigators but we need to find more. a lot of people aren't really serious and just want us to come because we are a couple white guys in the townships where we do most our work. the township is a place where it is very very run down. it is all colored or black people and they are very poor. most of them live in shacks, and when i say shacks i'm not just saying there house is crappy. I'm serious, there entire house could fit inside my room. imagine a. 8x8x8 cube made out of sticks with a thin metal roof and if your lucky the floor in concrete. I don't know how they live like that but it really makes me realize how spoiled i am.
on p-day we went on this hike where we had to pull ourselves across a river on a ghetto pontoon boat and then we hike up to a waterfall, it was super cool and very refreshing after a week of straight work. let me know what you guys want to hear so i can answer you questions and stuff. overall i'm doing great in south Africa.

elder allen

hi mom,
thanks for updating me on everything, and if you can send pictures too so i can see what your talking about. yeah, there was a wedding on Thursday, sister thabela and brother musa got married and there was only 6 people at the wedding,haha. pretty cool, but now she can get baptized so she will be baptised in the next few weeks it just depends on when her husband has work off so he can be there. there Sunday meetings are basically the same but there is not alot of people there. the senior couple plays the piano so we always have music. there is very little youth but i think they have classes for them. i teach the gospel principles class. next week i will be giving a talk about whatever i want so that will be fun. today we are going to go play laser tag with the district and zone leaders. but this week has been pretty good. and when i say shacks i am not kidding. i will get a picture of them and you will be surprised how bad people live here. our pantry is bigger than some houses.
love you, elder allen

hi dad!
when i say shacks, i mean shacks. sometimes they have concrete floors but it isn't smooth. sometimes dirt. a lot of them are smaller than our pantry. i will get pictures of them so you can see what they are like. but send me pictures of all the stuff you are working on so i can see.the houses here are made of concrete with no insulation and i don't think there is any requirements for construction. non of the houses have a/c and there is no centralized hvac. it is all mini-splits. i will be speaking this Sunday about whatever i want so that should be fun. and i have been working out everyday since i left. we have 1 weight in our boarding that i use daily and i do push-ups and sometime run. but my companion doesn't really exercise. i trust your on track to your goal of losing 100 pounds while i'm gone? but i like hearing from you guys so keep it up.
love you, elder allen

Is there anything that you would like me to send home to you? like elder ondracek sent some fancy African nativity set home. and it was a suggestion not to send too many packages, you can send stuff. the other elders from america do get packages and it would be awesome. so please do


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