February 5, 2018




Elder Ondracek

traveling to Cape Town

so that last week in the mtc sucked, its just more of the same stuff. but we did get to go to the temple again last Thursday and i have a ton of pictures to send back. i started playing the piano in the mtc which made the mtc president mad because i didnt tell them i could play the piano. then on Tuesday morning we left for our missions. we flew to cape town where the mission president and the ap's greeted us. we went to the mission office which is on a big piece of land that could be a temple site one day. they talked to use for a while then we went to the mission home for lunch, it was pretty good. president has a super nice house. one of the missionaries then took us to signal hill and told us some stories about the first missionaries here. we took a bunch of pictures that i will send. after dinner there was a bald guy that talked to five of us missionaries trying to prove us wrong, it didnt work lol. but then we go our area assignments. the next morning we met up at a church building where i got to see elder Kieth so that was pretty cool. we talked for a while and then i left to the airport. to get from area to area we fly. the airplane was pretty small. 4 seats in a row and it had 2 propellers. there was like 8 missionaries on it. in the airport i talked to a bunch of people about the church. one was from utah but was not a member yet. she was interested though. when we arrived in port Elizabeth i met elder ondracek and we started to drive from port Elizabeth to George. it was a 4 hour drive. very beutifal, and i got to see some monkey's on the side of the road.when we finally got to geoge we had an appointment to go to at a less-active members house. the fist appointment i went to was in a shack in thembuletu(the township) it was cool. but the next day we had an exterminator come spray our house. then i had my firsat full day as a missionary. there is a ton of people to teach here. honey is an investigator that got baptized the Sunday before i came but we confirmed her this Sunday so i am counting her as my first baptism! there is another investigator that is the girlfriend of a member and they are living together but they told us this week that they are getting married! so this thursday at 6:30 they are getting married in the church. then she is going to be baptized. we stopped in on this kid who is investigating the church and when we randomly stopped in he was sitting there reading the book of mormon so he is an awesome kid but we just need him to be coming to church every week. we went to teach another guy that lives in a township and had an interesting experience. a drunk lady just walked in his shack in the middle of the lesson and started talking to use. she loved the missionaries and wanted to take pictures with us and praised us. she talked to us for like 10 minute just saying how much she loved us then she hugged us and left, it was awful. the members here love to feed us, like last night we had to dinners! and they eat a ton of rice here with fried chicken and chocolaka. It tastes pretty good but im sure ill get tired of having it every day, i've had it for the last three meals! the church here is like an office space that the church is renting but they have land to build a nice church building. the problem is not everyone pays tithing here so they wont build it. the baptismal font is like a hot tub behind the church. i guess i didn't realize how good we live in America until i came here where they don't have much. our boarding is the best, it is like a mini house. we have a bedroom with a bathroom attached, an office, another bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a garage. also a back and front yard with a fir place, pretty awesome. what else do you want to know?

oh, and that chips here aren't that good so i'm gonna starve. please get a big box and pack it full of takis, buffalo wing pretzels and anything else i like. thank you
oh, can you have joseph email me? when we went proselyting in joburg i met some of parker schneph's companions. they were excited that i knew who he was.


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