January 16, 2018


Johannesburg MTC


Elder Van Schel Tema

First week in Johannesburg MTC

email compiled from what Cole sent Tim and I separately, and a reply when he got an additional email time:

the mtc here in south africa is super cool. only 18 people here but its awesome because we learn more. the food in the mtc i amazing, they always have differant food and its always good because they have a full time kitchen staff just for the 20 of us. we were put into districts and i am the district leader for mine but we dont have to do much. my companion is elder van schel tema. he is from south africa going to england. i really like having him as a companion. it is definetly not easy being in the mtc because of how much work we have to do but i am getting used to it. it is kind of hot here but nothing like arizona summers. i have met a couple people from cape town and they tell me nothing but good things. i am super excited to get out of the mtc and go to cape town. it is weird hearing about a missionary getting robbed at gun point in my mission but im not worried about that. apparenly in townships if someone steals from them, they dont call the police they will beat the crap out of them untill they are almost dead then burn them alive. pretty weird. sorry, i cant send pictures from the mtc

the teachers are mostly from south district is mostly in the same class all day everyday. we do get 1 hour right before dinner for sports. i find it kind of weird that everyone from around the world knows all about america and donald trump. everyone has opinions about america and most of them are good. we eat alot, they give us plates of food but usually we could eat more if we want. my companion want to go to byu-idaho when he is home, he is from johanessburg.

(I quickly replied when I saw he had more time for emails and said I thought it sounded like he was doing great)

yeah, i am. my district got screwed on sending emails so i guess we get to send more. we have like 30 minutes on p day to send emails but they started the time when we got the computers out and it takes forever to find computers that work. the people in the mtc are crazy, there are missionaries from madagascar that are so poor they cant afford pepper and there are a couple rich people from america that have more money than you need. its funny because alot of the africans dont have camaras because they costed too much, so they play with our camaras. what else do you want to know?


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