April 24, 2021


Mexico Puebla South Mission Office


Elder Mora


Whats up? Hope y'all had a great week! Man things are going so fast and things are so good! These past couple weeks we made tamales, went to la ciudad de Mexico twice and have been going a million miles an hour. All is well over here!    

Cool story from this week, we are teaching this lady named Maria Guadalupe and she is super religious. We have been chatting and talking over messenger for some time now. We shared the Plan of Salvacion last week and then on Fri we taught her the Restoration. It was so powerful when I shared the 1st vision and you could tell we were all feeling it super strong. We talked back and forth about the Book of Mormon and she broke down crying. She said that she has been so confused for so long and this all makes so much sense and she knows it must be from God. It was so amazing to be a part of that and see her commitment level to read and ask God if all of this is really true! So awesome!

Things are going really well here and I am so happy!    We had some phones get stolen in the mission and got a wild text to our mission group from the robbers. Check the pics of what they sent!!    

Been thinking a ton about the aspect of grace and how much we truly need it in our lives. Most times we only think that grace makes up the difference "after all that we can do", but it also helps us in the process of it all to give better than our best effort. It is amazing how much God loves us and that divine help is so needed in each of our lives. As we show grace unto others we will receive grace in our lives as well.    

I sure love y'all and am so grateful to have this time to be a missionary and learn so much
Elder Quackenbush
1. Heading to the airport to pick up the missionaries
2.Tacos arabe con Elder Figueroa
3. The text from the robbers
4. Tacos de tripa (Cow intestines)


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