March 8, 2021


Angelopolis, Mexico


Elder Hernandez

Covid Baby!

Another super great, and super fast week! Im starting to get my feet under me and get back into the groove. Hope y'all are doing great and had a great week too!   So.... there's been a ton of beef with the Stake Presidency for a while now before I got here. We have been trying to fix things and turn it around these past 2 weeks. Its really hard because they don't trust us missionaries in the Zone for what other missionaries did 5 months ago. We set up a meeting with our Mission Pres and the Stake President and then at the last second they both wanted to talk alone. The mission pres called us after and said things went super well and he wanted to meet with me and my comp in person on Wed to talk about it. We went in and it was a great meeting. Turns out tho, after our meeting with Pres, that President went and got Covid tested and it came back positive… Us, along with the whole mission now are in lockdown.

Good news is that the miracles are not ceasing and things are only getting better!    Fabiola Granadas is an angel. Holy cow I know I was supposed to come back to Mexico to meet her, teach her, and more importantly learn from her. She has turned her life completely around since she has found the gospel. I told her I see light in her eyes and she broke down and said that 3 weeks ago before we found her, she was hopeless, without purpose, and angry at God. Now, she knows who she is and says she has finally found joy through the gospel! She is already in Alma 15 and loving the Book of Mormon. It has changed her life and gives her answers to her concerns and helps her feel peace, just like the rest of us! She is AMAZING! She is preparing to be baptized the 21st of this month so please keep her in your prayers!!     

The Familia Islas as well is a fam that I had to come back to meet and learn from. They demosntrate true gospel living. They have been waiting now for over a year to be baptized and it will finally happen within the next 2 weeks. Bro Islas has been waiting for his divorce document to come back for a year now. We had a lesson with them and as fate would have it, the link to Zoom didn't work on their phone. So, they emailed it to their computer to use it there and guess what they found.... The paper finally came that they were getting the papers for their finalized divorce!! It was such an emotional and spiritual experinence for us all to be a part of! He gets the papers this week and then married the next day to Sister Islas and then we will figure out the baptism. They are the strongest believers ever and have waited for so long for the blessing of baptism and now one more year to wait and be sealed to their pequeña that is not here with us anymore. It was an amzing experience to see true religion and faith. I am so grateful to be here!     

As hard as the circumstances are, the miracles are not ceasing and I am so grateful to be a missionary. I get the chance everyday to see the gospel change peoples lives, as well as my own. Know that God loves you, and whatever mountain or trial you are climbing and facing in your life right now, is what your Heavenly Father is using to shape you into what He knows you can become. I love yall so much and am so grateful for each of you. If theres anything at all that I can do to help out, please dont hesitate to reach out! 
Elder Quackenbush
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