March 1, 2021


Angelopolis, Mexico


Elder Hernandez

I'M BACK IN MEXICO!! Back to the land of the COLD shower:)

Whaddup everyone?! Hope things are going great for yall. It is wild to be back in Mexico again. Deep down I really have missed this place, the food, and the fun culture.    

President & Sister Jensen picked me up from the Puebla airport when they finally could get me here a week and a half late. We got some authentic Mole with them and it was so fun to get to know them and learn about the mission again!   
I was in a Trio here in Angelopolis, Angelopolis for the first week. Elder Ramirez finished his mission and got picked up on Saturday. Elder Hernandez and I are the last ones standing in the trio haha.      

Tons of miracles this week! There were 82 referrals that were in our area book that are from the past 6 months that we called. Man is my spanish rusty, let me tell ya. We set tons of lessons up this week and had tons of success. Man it is a way different type of missionary work here. It's a hard adjustment but I am loving it so far!    

Wanted to talk a little about Fabiola more than anyone. She is such a light!! They found her a couple of days before I got here. She is the happiest lady ever and loves this gospel so much! She started reading the Book of Mormon and is already in Mosiah 27. She also listens to the Doctrine and Covenants while she does her chores and gets things done around her house. She talks about how every time she reads the Book of Mormon and prays, she has ideas and revelation come to her that she has never had or thought about before. She is going to be such a strong convert and help to this stake and ward. Man I cant say enough good things about her! So excited to continue learning with her and from her and hopefully one day her cute 2 year old daughter will give me a fist bump. I've come close, but still havent sealed the deal.      

I've been thinking alot about how different Mexico seems to be going for me this time. I definitely needed to go to Texas to come back here with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I can look back at a lot of the challenges and hardships of the mission and see the Lord's hand in it all. We talked a lot about this with Fabiola, but we all have different challenges so we can each learn and grow in what our Heavenly Father wants us to be so that we can bless and change the lives of others. Most of the time we never understand the why until we have the vision of looking back at the trial. I am honestly so grateful for so many amazing people that have been so nice to me and helped me through my challenges in my life. I know I needed each of you to change and be surrounded by y'alls positive influences.

I love yall so much and want you to know that God has inimaginable things for you. Just hold on and the blessing will come, blessings that will far outweigh the challenges that ya'll have.  If theres anything I can do to help any of you in anyway, I am here for you.
Love you tons and am so grateful for you!!
Elder Quackenbush
1. Lunch with President & Sister Jensen
2. My first torta de tamal since coming back!!
3. Cant forget the daily bread4. If you find us on whatsapp, this is our profile pic hahaha

*If you made it this far you're a champ:)*


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