February 1, 2021


Odessa, TX


Elder Hansen


Wow it has been the craziest and busiest week of my mission! Holy cow, I lost track of the days it was awesome!! Tons of meetings and tons of just getting ready for the transfer. 
For starters, my new companion Elder Hansen is a beast! We had a lesson with the Jackmans and taught them about the stippling warriors and their exactness. We sang the Armies of Helaman song with the ukelele after to them. It was so powerful and they loved it!! 

We got some good foodbank service and helped Justin Sanchez put more siding on his house. We got into the attic of the church to run wires for the new cameras in the chapel. It was crazy up there!! 

So on Sunday Elder James and I headed up to Lubbock so we could catch out flight to go to Salt lake and do our visit at the consulate. We pulled in to Lubbock and at 10:30 Elder James realized his wallet and ID were 2 hours away back in Odessa. President didn't let us drive back :( but we decided to get copy of his passport and driver's license. It was 11:15pm when we pulled up to President Childs house to get it. It was a wild sight to see him in his grubbies. We woke up at 4am and headed to the airport. The missionary travel dept. said that only 1 general authority has ever flown like this without ID but we went for it. I accompanied Elder James be the 2nd person ever to fly without government issued ID so that was pretty sweet. We landed and got it done in SLC. We played some basketball with Elder James' fam and it was sweet. It felt so wild to be in Utah and see some mountains for once! Something I'll never forget

I've been pondering a lot on how I know the things that i do and the why behind it for me. It all comes back to peace for me. I know the gospel is true because of the peace that I feel from it; peace that the world cannot offer. That is why we do what we do so that we can have peace during the chaos.

I love yall so much and I am so grateful for this gospel and the hope it brings into our lives!!
Elder Quackenbush 
1. The good ole drive to Lubbock
2. Chicken dinner 
3. The Rowe-maester 
4. We outta here 
5. Elder James' block 
6. Finally some mountains and scenery!


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