November 9, 2020


Odessa, TX


Elder Harward

Thanks for the Bday wishes!!

Hey! I just wanted to say THANKYOU all so much for all of the Birthday wishes! I really appreciate it and love you all!
It has been a super dope week here in Odessa! We had tons of meetings to start off the transfer and get things organized. I love my comp Elder Harward! He is a goon and we have found a good balance of working really hard and having fun while doing it. He's one of the funniest guys I've met! 
We played some football in the street with some kids from our dope apartment. It was way fun! We live in a two story house with wifi, its bougie... we got some free burgers from Beagle down the street and our transfer goal is to "BAPTIZE BEAGLE". I guess you could say things are pretty serious. Funny story is I left a great first impression on our stake President. Not really, but what happened is we were doing his yard and while I was weedeeting a rock kicked up and shattered his whole back window to his room door. So that sucked and he wouldn't let me pay for it. All in all not a great first start but hey I'm grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ!! 
They just approved exchanges again so this transfer is gonna be dope to go work with the DLs of the zone. Such great guys here.
I've been thinking a lot about the Atomement of Jesus Christ this week. It always comes back to that. We all make mistakes, big and small, and we all can repent and move on. The biggest part of the Atonement is forgiving ourselves and moving forward with faith that we will be made whole. I know the Lord has prepared this way for us to daily repent and get back on the railroad tracks. It is how we are saved by grace, but after all that we can do. I love you all and if anyone ever needs me I would love to help out in anyway!! 
Elder Quackenbush 
1. Beagle!!!!
2. Street football
3. A couple making out so we had to wait to go to the lesson :)


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