September 7, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Tree service!

Hows it going? Another crazy fast week like them all! We tallied the numbers up for last month and ended up doing 78 hours total of service! We sure love it and have a great time helping people out!
As far as service goes for the week: We got a call from Cathie, an investigator, and she said that a huge tree fell on her house in the storm on Friday night. We got on her roof and chopped it all down. It was a little against the rules, but hey: She needed it and there was no other way it was gonna get done. I got a sweet pic with one of the limbs I hauled outta there. We went down to Dexter to clean up after a house burnt down. The people loved that we showed up and helped out a little. We couldn't do too much since they had a huge loader they used to flatten the house and put it on trailers for us to go dump. They had some shmoney spicy fire roasted green chili and beef burritos. I sure love food especially when it's spicy!
Gennie and Pattie are doing super well! They are progressing and little by little we are resolving their concerns. Lynn is super cool. We had another lesson with her this week and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she understood it well. She isn't in our area (like 99% of the people we find and teach) so we will have to do a pass off lesson soon. Jonathan Cuevas kept us in the loop with his elk hunting adventure this week. He killed a super pretty 320 class bull that he is super proud of. Cool guy! 
I've been thinking a lot about Samuel the Lamanite and how he was cast out the first time. On his way back, the voice of the Lord told him to go back. He went back a different way and stood on a wall to proclaim what the Lord put into his heart. I, like many others and like Samuel the Lamanite, was called back to work. The normal missionary work isn't the same, we must find our different way to go back and our wall to climb to be successful in the mission field and in our own lives. It is hard no doubt, but it is all worth it in the end and the Lord makes all of our sacrifices - both big and small - worth it!! 
Love y'all!!
Elder Quackenbush
I would love to hear from you all! Shoot me an email at if you're bored and wanna chat!! :)
1. The phat tree we chopped down from Cathies house
2. The loader hooking it up for us
3. A big antelope we found on the side of the road!


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