August 24, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

McDonalds Cheese Burgers and an Early Christmas!

Hey y'all, it was another good week here in Roswell, NM. We had some progress in the work and set up a super exciting week to come! 
A Funny story: We wrote on the Zone Leaders car with window markers, "Just Married!!". They had no idea until we were going to the church with them in their car and someone rolled their window down beside us to congratulate them. It was hilarious!! They were good sports about it. 
Ed had his huge knee surgery this week and he just got back yesterday. His chair that he reclines in but that also helps him get up just broke after the first use. We called Penny, a lady who was just called as the Relief Society President that day, to see what we could do. She had a friend who she called that had a recliner that he just threw away. The miracle is that it was in the dumpster and the trash wasn't picked up yet and that Penny had the contact the other President would have had. Ed loved the chair and I learned a huge lesson that the hand of the Lord truly is in the church callings we possess when we magnify them. 
We had a McDonalds burger eating contest for the facebook page this week. I pounded 10 cheese burgers in 17 minutes and almost died. 3,130 calories! So that was fun and hopefully got some interest on Facebook.
As far as Christmas is concerned.... On our P-Day today, there was this huge mall going out of business and everything was at least 90% off. Elder Wright, Elder Bingham, and I all  got these christmas stockings for $1.50! We couldn't say no and took some pretty dope pics. We went back to the church and cooked some trout that a member gave us. All in all a great week and purchase! 
Elder Mismash and I got to speak in Sacrament on Charity and Love and it was a great opportunity and experience for us. A quick point on that is that we are in a constant battle to have those attributes. We ourselves are unable to grow them without the Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one who helps us achieve the goals that we have and to have the heart that He wants us to develop. I know that He loves each and every single one of us and is with us every step of the way!
Love y'all
Elder Quackenbush
1. The Christmas stockings y'all were looking for
2. Elder Mismash in his overalls he bought for the "meme" unrooting cement
3. The Mountain of Burgers


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