August 17, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Pretty much a service mission at this point...

So like usual, another week flew by! We are finding so many opportunities to serve... it is crazy!
For starters, my 2 favorite projects were getting to do direct traffic for 6 hours on a huge circus that has been stuck in town for 5 months, and we got to shovel goat poop for 2 1/2 hours! The Disaster Relief Program reached out to us again because the circus is legit dying. They can't leave or have a live circus with the restrictions. They did a virtual circus show and we got to run the traffic and concessions after we helped set up everything. It was so cool and it was a huge relief for them. No doubt, never thought I'd go to my first circus show while being on the mission yet still obeying the rules. Dope!
We posted in some groups over the past couple of weeks that we do free service. A lady named Jeanette reached out and we headed over. We got there to find 37 goats in a huge pen and poop from the past 2 years everywhere! We got some snow shovels and got to work. We filled up buckets and they spilt all over us as we moved them to her pasture to fertilize it. I was covered head to toe in goat poop, but didn't have a care in the world. She accepted the Book of Mormon and loved how it compliments the Bible. We are going to reach out this week to see how her reading has gone. 
I had a cool experience while serving at the food bank too. A man named Samuel trusted me and told me his life story. He was in a 6 month coma a month and a half ago and the doctors told him he had 4 days to live. I guess they were wrong. He wasted no time and got married in 3 days. I didn't ask how he swung that deal out. He is super open and receptive because he realized how God played a huge role in him coming back and still being here. He has already done a 180 with his life and is making progress. We set up a lesson for this coming week with him and his wife! I can't wait for that!
We are plugging along and trying hard to uplift people during these times. I sure do love service and it helps us put a good name out there for the church and helps us contact people in a way of not technically contacting them. 
We set up a virtual music devotional that I am STOKED about! Its on the 31st of August and we have McKenna Breinholt singing and Yahosh Bonner who does a lot of the youth music. It should be something great for everyone and the stake president will talk about how we can all cultivate the spirit in our homes. You're not gonna want to miss it! 
Hope y'all are doing great!!
Elder Quackenbush
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