March 9, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez

Mexico will just be Mexico...

 Such a quick week again and I can't believe it's already Monday. We aren't allowed to leave the house today because there is a parade in Mexico where the women don't work today to fight for equal rights and they destroy whatever they want. Pretty cool.

Anyways, we already talked our landlord into bringing us some Little Ceasers so life is good.

We worked our tails off this week. The ward and the members don't have many references right now so we contacted a ton this week. We contacted over 20 hours, no lie, and had little to no success. The Lord tries us and proves us as his servants.

I saw something incredible. You couldn't imagine this, but there was some dude on his moped with a foam wrestling face mask he made as his helmet... only in Mexico. I was astounded with the creativity.

But, all the investigators are doing well and progressing little by little. We had 2 huge miracles this week. The first is: Janet has accepted to be baptized but wants to change some things before her baptism. She is super reserved and has had so many struggles and challenges in her life. She works and only rests on Wednesday half day and is always so tired. She told us when we started teaching her that she would never have time to come to church so she said she will never progress. We are the only ones that know that she has cancer and will probably die here soon. But we brought Hermano S. to the lesson about the Plan of Salvation. His wife died recently but his testimony and faith started a change in Janet. We got to church and out of no-where, Janet showed up. We didn't even know what to do. She went to all the classes and after church she had a glow and a smile I have never seen before. She decided that morning before church and she had already talked to her boss that she will only work every other Sunday and the other she will come to church. What a joy and miracle that is for us. She is already changing little by little and it is amazing to see!! Another miracle from the week is we were on divisions with the district leader and we found the hermanas from another area on our street and they were lost. Haha we went up and started talking to them and turns out they had a reference for us. His name is Carlos and he already went to church in the other ward from just a street contact. Incredible!! We went to find his house and he got there right when we did. We taught the Restoration and it was so powerful. He had already read 6 chapters of the BOM before we got there and told us yesterday that he reads 4-5 pages every night. He accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of this month and we will work super hard and see what happens.

The Lord truly has people hiding that are ready to hear, accept, and apply the doctrine to their lives. It's so amazing to be out here in the mission. There are so many hard times and health issues but the Lord really helps us push forward! I love this gospel and the changes it helps us make in our lives to have more love and peace. Hope all is well!!
Elder Quackenbush 


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