March 2, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez

The Avengers...

Wow some pretty wild stuff happened this week. So... we went on Sunday to visit an old couple so they could introduce us to their neighbors and we could teach them. On Tuesday, the Hermana Mateo died because the pain in her back put too much pressure on her lungs and they collapsed. We got a call because the husband had been an investigator for over 30 years but got baptized a little over a year ago and they just got sealed together. The husband loves the missionaries now and we wanted to support him in anyway we could. We went to the funeral and the mood at the funeral was super happy because of their belief in the gospel and the promises we have in our lives. I had the opportunity to carry Hermana Mateo's casket to the grave. While doing that, out of no where, the brother conducting called us over. Hermano Mateo wanted that we gave a talk/speech before we buried her. There was a ton of people and my Spanish went to the garbage because I got nervous but I was grateful to have the chance to speak and share some of gospel and what we believe with her family members who aren't members of the church.  We took the brother on visits with us this week and he is a living testimony. He has helped us get to the hearts of the people and he is truly amazing to watch how he is passing through these difficult times.   

As far as the Avengers goes... we were teaching Rafael the investigator and it was going great. He understands super well and knows what we teach is true. Out of no where, we get a question…. "Why are we trying to stop this coronavirus if it shows us in the Avengers movie that before the second coming there needs to be a genocide?" We were speechless! We couldn't believe what he was saying haha. Then used two more movie examples. All we could do at that point was to say "Movies aren't real and that there won't be a genocide and all is well." Haha... good ole times with some of that apostasy stuff he's been reading.    

I had to call President this week and fill him in on my back. To be honest it's been really bad lately for how much we walk and with this backpack.  Challenges make us better and help us to help others. I'm really learning a lot right now but I am happier than ever.
Love you guys and hope your week was great!
Elder Quackenbush 


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