February 17, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez

PF for the dubs...

Wow... another wild week full of tons of stories. So I love the street food here in Mexico. It's super cheap and super good. I eat about twice a day and it's the best thing since sliced bread. But, that mixed in with a pretty nasty meal we had was brutal. We went to eat at a members home on Friday and they gave us Posole (a corn type soup) and there was meat from the head of a pig. Pretty normal. But, she served it cold which is a no no because we get sick and the meat, no lie, was COVERED in hair. Long hair! Even with all of the flashing lights and alarms going off, I was starving and couldn't turn down their food so I ate 3 bowls. Truly a deadly decision! We left and went back to work and we both felt like junk. I woke up at 1 am with the worst sickness I've had in my life! We went to the Doc on sat and they injected me in the butt and gave me tons of medicine. No street food for a week... I don't know how in going to eat this week.

Funny story, we were visiting an older fam where just the grandparents were baptized but are less actives. We taught all of the aunts and uncles and it was great. The less active dad hands us his phone blaring music and says, "tell me what you think." It was a heavy metal song but they were talking about the spirit and blessings. Pretty wild hardcore stuff. He asked me what I thought and I as nicely as I could told him, "to each his own". Haha he knew it wasn't my favorite.

But as far as a PF, it's a family where not all the people are baptized or a part member family. All of our baptisms this month are PF people because there's so many less actives. With Jaziel this week he was so excited. He couldn't sit in his seat during the program and his younger brother kept asking everyone where the pool was that we were baptizing Jaziel in. I got to baptize him and it was a super cool experience! His mom has changed tons of things and we got her to come back to church. Super cool to change the lives of people while we are in the mission.

Camila this next week is super ready. Her dad told us that she never smiled before we came because her life has been so hard. She is learning and applying the gospel to her life and she is so much happier!! Its truly amazing to share these experiences with people and be able to bring the good word to them. I still have tons to learn but I am so happy to be out here serving the Lord. Love you all and hope you guys are all doing great!!
Elder Quackenbush 


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