January 27, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez

Wild times here in Mexico!

Wow what another crazy hectic week! So many things happened and so much to learn. To start off we were preparing 3 kids of a less active family to be baptized. They had a lot of fear about it and they all read the book of mormon together and prayed if baptism was correct choice. They weren't afraid after and said they felt the peace they needed! How cool was that to hear? They told me a story about how they had a ton to do one morning and were going to have to miss church to do it all. In the morning, I prayed that a miracle would happen so that they could make it to church. We went to teach them on Tuesday and they said they were getting ready to go to the center of town and it started raining like crazy. Where they were going had the most rain too but when they looked at the church, because they live so close, they said there was nothing. No rain and nothing stopping them from going. Amazing!!!! They decided to come to church that day, haha. Then on Wednesday, we taught the last lesson on the Law of Chastity. The dad asked the son Martin what he learned. Martin said, "I learned not to have 2 wives like you"......we sat there in shock. Come to find out that the father has been married to her for 30 years and for that reason hasn't married with Veronica. She realized that and left to cool off and when she came back in, she said some pretty gross and wild stuff. Then she got her coat and dipped out of the house. Came back a third time and grabbed her daughter America. They left and she slammed the door so hard it broke the glass. Elder Martinez and I didn't have words and didnt even know what happened.... it was crazy.
We did interchanges this week to give the baptismal interview for Felix and it just so happened that me and the District Leader found Veronica and America in the street. They said they were dipping to mexico to work and live. She told us thank you because we were sent from God to help her know these things and we are doing what's right. So many confusing things...Then she went to the house to grab her other kids and they were gone. The dad decided to drug himself up and lost the kids while he wasn't coherent. The kids ran off and no one could find them. They even got a call from the Narcos here, that do insane stuff, that said they had their kids and wanted ransom. We were tripping and so sketched out. They posted stuff on facebook later and finally found then in the Capu(the center of all the busses). I think the kids were trying to dip and go to who knows where. The good news is is that they are all home and we are going to visit them with the Bishop today to get things figured out.
As far as Felix.. he's a stud! He was so ready to be baptized and I had the opportunity to baptize him. Super cool experience and the whole service was wonderful. We ate cake, sandwiches, and drank tea after. Good times. We will see how we will piece this family back together and help the dad overcome his problems. We've got lots of work but we see miracles every day.
We did a free car wash as a zone and it was great. The people would leave their cars and we were at the church so we contacted them and if they had interest they went inside. Tons of people said they loved it and now understand we aren't as weird as all of the stories they hear about. Tons are already getting taught and came to church. A great experience for sure!!
I love the mission and I am learning  so much. Who knows what could happen this week...
Also I made the huge meat mixture last monday for the zone and i think I'm starting to get this Mexican cooking down! haha
Love you guys and I pray that you are all doing great!!
Elder Quackenbush 


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