September 30, 2019


Cholula, Mexico


Elder Sanchez

Lamb and Prayers!

Another great week!! We were working this week on some investigators that said they were baptized so we didn't teach them. Haha But, now we are teaching them. We taught them twice and then at the end of the second lesson, invited them to be baptized. The answer was a firm no. Haha so we opted to invite them to church as well. They offered to drive us to church too and it was super sweet to not have to walk!
On wednesday we had a service project to take off the roof again for a family. It almost fell on us many times but it was all part of the fun. They fed us and it was the most difficult food I've ever had to eat. The soup was half lamb grease and had the vitals and stomach fat mixed in there too. I literally almost gagged after every bite but kept smiling because I was sitting next to the host. All of us missionaries were looking around to see if anyone could help us out and finish each others. We ended up all praying together secretly to be able to finish it. After 6 limes, two spoonfuls of salt, and 4 glasses of Coke- i finished! What a day that was!

The baker, Carlos, that we've been trying to get to know so we could teach him FINALLY accepted our lessons and we start teaching on him on Tuesday. I am so excited for that. They fed us too but it was delicious! Pig face and pig fat: the best semita I have ever had! That fam sure knows how to cook.
I learned a big lesson this week. If you serve someone in a small way, they open their hearts to you and are willing to listen and want to change. So many small opportunities to help others this week that opened the door for us to teach the gospel. I love it out here and love the food and people.

The church is true, no doubt. Life is all about doing the little things to gain our testimonies and come closer to Christ. Hope all is well!
Elder Quackenbush


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