September 23, 2019


Cholula, Mexico


Elder Sanchez

Real Legit Flannnnnnn

Another great week out here in Cholula! We had a service project this week to landscape the backyard of one of our neighbor's houses. Sounds pretty easy right? Now try doing it all with machettes and a weedeater. It took a while but we had a fun time haha.
I also took a sweet pic with a 'phat rat' on the side of the road, just in case any of you wanted to see it.
We are working hard on getting this new investigator to accept our message. So, I had a great idea. Our investigator is the head baker of flan and cake bakery stuff. I acted crazy interested (well I was super interested) in baking and asked if we could come help him make the flan and serve him. Next thing we know, we are in aprons and are hand making flan! Super cool! Hopefully we can connect with him and get him to accept our message. Another cool thing that happened is we got all the Elders and Hermanas from our zone to come and work in our area for 2 hours this week. We got a huge list of new references and have a ton of new investigators. Its a pretty cool thing, because every sunday, the whole zone does this in another area. We found a new investigator this week, Francisco, and he runs the bakery shop with Carlos. We teach him a lesson and after he gives us free pan (bread). Its a win win for both of us.
To finish the week off, our Zone leaders got permission to let the zone all get together and watch Coco, the Disney movie in Spanish. I could understand a pretty good portion of it.
It is so cool to be working and just focusing on the lives of others. I love it here and am so excited for what's coming!
Elder Quackenbush


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