August 16, 2019




Elder Sandberg

Week 4

What's up Guys?   Fist off, big shout out to Elder Allen hittin' the mission field! So excited for him and I know he's gonna kill it!
This week flew by. I am officially the best ping pong player in the district and hopefully I can keep my track record going in our double elimination tourney this afternoon. Fingers crossed!
I love it here so much. I learn every day more and more the importance of scripture study and following promptings WHEN we receive them. My comp Elder Sandberg and I are doing well in the mock lessons we are teaching. We were 0-2 with our baptismal invitations, but later in the week we convinced one to finally commit. It's tough figuring out how to say what you want in my 3rd grade spanish level vocabulary.
We had a TRC teaching lesson last night where volunteers from outside the MTC come in and we get to teach them lessons. It was so cool and fun! We taught two different families and the spirit was so strong. I loved the pressure and the opportunity to bear testimony of the power of prayer and scripture study. I got a cool pen with a monkey on it from my teacher that day and ended up giving it to one of the little girls I taught. It was the highlight of my week! She seemed to love it.
I am working my tail off and trying my best every day. The Lord provides a way for everything and allows us to accomplish our goals no matter how big or small they are. So much to do in so little time!
Our district is so tight and I love them so much. We are the group that has the ability to laugh 'till our stomaches hurt and then the next second be serious and learn. We are kicking butt with the required material and our spanish has come a long way! Last night one of the other Elders in the room lifted up his shirt and pulled out a ton of belly button lint. It was hilarious and so nasty hahaha! The food is about average here so I no longer eat to enjoy, I just eat to be stuffed. Love you all and hope all is well at home!!
Love Elder Quackenbush


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