August 9, 2019




Elder Sandburg

Week 3 in the Mexico MTC

What a wild week! We had no running water on Wednesday right after I got out of the shower haha. I lucked out. Two guys in my room were not able to shower cuz of it (a huge pipe blew-up underground). The language is coming along well and I am learning so much. I feel like a spiritual infant here, but at least it keeps me trying my best everyday!
The food is the bland, tough, and the same food all day, every day.. haha. I still eat way too much of it though and have probably already gained weight. Figured things out with my comp this week after we screwed two lessons up by not following the spirit and not working together. It is amazing how much better I can speak and how much better a lesson is received when the spirit is present. I am working on figuring out how to teach through the spirit more.
We went to the temple today and got to drive through Mexico City. WOW. We are so blessed! Its easy to say that people are poor until you see how poor they really are. It gave me a love for the people and a desire to just get out there and serve; so excited to go!!
Funny story for the week: Elder Nielson was getting pancakes and thought he found buttermilk syrup... The man was eating pancakes with gravy on top hahaha. I am so happy to be here and grateful for the opportunity to learn every day!
Love you guys! I would love to hear from you!! My email is
Elder Quackenbush


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