November 19, 2018


Orange Park , Florida, USA


Jordan Josse


Hey Everyone! 
Waycross is AMAZING! I seriously miss Orange Park and I was sad to leave but man this place is great! Every one here is so friendly and loves to talk to us.  Which is so different from Florida haha. We talked to this one lady at a phone shop getting my companions tablet fixed and we just started talking to this lady. She's so great and invited us to come back! So last night we went back with a member named Patrick who is AWESOME! She invited her whole family to sit in on the lesson! It was so great! So that's super exciting there's gonna be miracles up here in Georgia that's for sure!
Funny story. We were pulling away from a lesson and this dog starts running through this person's yard. I reach for the handle but the door is locked and this dog hops through the fence and is coming right for me! And he looked pissed.  I finally got my companion to open the door and I hopped inside. The dog came flying in and hit the car 😂 thank goodness I'm still here lol. Also went to a church on Sunday. It was another Baptist church. There's just so much fun! I guess I've gone to so many because I recognize one of the songs we sang lol. 
But the work here is so good! And I'm really excited for a new transfer and a new area! This is gonna be a BLAST! Happy thanksgiving hope everyone has fun!!
Elder Lamb 

Lol these are all pictures of Patrick I realized but hey he's awesome! 


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