November 5, 2018


Orange Park


Jordan Josse

One of the Best Weeks yet!! - group email

Hey Y'all!! This week was a BLAST!
So Monday was a normal Pday as always but it was really good. We carved pumpkins because of Halloween yanno. And then later that night we carved pumpkins again with our ward mission leader! It was alot of fun, there wasn't enough pumpkins for everyone so I helped carve one of the kids pumpkins! Basically he told me what he wanted and I did it 😂 his name is Porter which is my middle name so that was fun! Tuesday was a pretty normal day, just got out and worked hard. 
Wednesday as you can imagine was alot of fun! Happy Halloween! We started off the day with a lesson with a kid named Tristen. He's pretty cool and has alot of questions so that's good! We knocked all day and then had a Halloween dinner with a recent convert and some of the other members in the ward. We invited Tristen and he showed up !! So cool! Funny story we were biking home and this kid like 15 year old kid is running at us dressed up as the joker. At first I was like what the heck man this guy is scary and it's the joker! Then he started yelling "Hey are y'all actually missionaries or just dressed up as one!" We laughed and then stopped to talk to him. Haha it was funny in the moment.
Thursday was interviews with President Lee. It's always good to learn and improve from him. I'm working on having a clear purpose of my myself for the rest of my mission and life. They had a mission Presidents seminar and David A Bednar made a special appearance and apparently told all the mission Presidents in the south east that they have a feeling this area is going to take off. So presidents been really emphasising that. Friday and Saturday were super normal and not much crazy happened.
 SUNDAY marks one of the BEST DAYS ever. We had a great ward Council and church. President Lee was at church so that was good. After church we got invited by our assistant ward mission leader to help teach mission prep. And that was alot of fun to share some experiences and what I wish I knew. Then we had a devotional with Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy. Holy cow it was so much fun! They are really funny together and both so talented in their musical careers. I saw soooo many old friends from previous wards! I saw my just a part of my good ol Jax Beach Family 😭 my heart gets so happy when I see old friends! I saw Elder Shurtliff too and that was a good walk down memory lane 😊
When people ask me what my favorite part of being a missionary is, I always tend to answer with the fact that I LOVE MEETING PEOPLE. If it wasn't for the mission and serving along side people I wouldn't be able to connect and build relationships with so many amazing people. The people here in Florida are amazing and have done an amazing job at being my family away from home! So seeing old friends always brings back good memories and tears of joy!! 
Well sorry this email is so long!! Feel like my emails are always kinda short and not very detailed so here too go 😂 love y'all!! 


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