July 23, 2018

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Pioneer Celebration! - group email

Hey Every one! This week was a good one! We had alot of success, it was our bike week so we biked hard and saw alot of miracles! It rained every single day! I always want to take a picture but pictures just don't do it justice, I'll try and get one sometime. The best part is the lighting storms. There are some killer storms here! It can get kinda sketch though. Defiantly don't wanna get struck by lighting haha. I just love seeing the giant black mass cloud moving towards us haha.
We had a Pioneer day celebration on Saturday it was alot of fun! I got to be In a pie eating competition with some of the youth. I had to eat the pie with my hands behind my back so I had to just shove my face in it. I lost to a 17 year old haha. We played alot of fun games like stick pull, corn hole, 3 legged races, all kinds of games. Everyone got a kick out of the horses though. Such a fun place to serve! We had a great week!
Well I hope everyone else had a good week!! I love yall so much sorry for the short email we had a long pday. We went to St Augustine as a zone and played a bunch of sports. Good fun! Love yall!


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