May 14, 2018


JAX Beach Ward


Jonathan Roy

What a Week!!! - group email

Wow this week was insane! I guess to start one of my best friends, Steve Pounders, came to visit Jacksonville and he showed up in the JAX Beach ward! I came around the corner and boom there he was! I was in absolute shock! So aweosme! I just couldn't imagine the fact that he was there! We had a good time chatting and just talking about the good ol Baywood wars back home. It was amazing. I got to show him that I carry around the Venture coin everyday for the past 8 months of my mission. Just as a remembrance of his legacy and contribution to my testimony.
In that same day I got to Skype home my family! Man do I miss them! However I had an interesting feeling where right after my call I didn't feel homesick or anything. In fact I honestly was glad I wasn't going home anytime soon because I have the chance to go and bless other families as much as mine has been blessed. That is my motivation. To allow Jesus Christ to play a crucial role in the development of family. I am so grateful for my family and all they have taught me. Well I am super grateful for this opportunity I have to serve!
This week we were on bikes and man it's starting to get hot! It just feels like the sun is right there because it's super bright and the humidity is just bad. But I enjoy it. It's been a ton of fun. I'm getting a good tan though! I enjoy being outside and working hard. Beats sitting inside all day! I love this work!
I love you all so much! I hope every one had a good week! Yall are the best! ❤️


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