March 5, 2018


JAX Beach Ward


Piero Pacella

Life is just better at the Beach - group email

Fun week!
We have spent alot of the week finding! We have a lot of fun coming up with different approaches or different ways of finding. Some cool things this week were that Elder Pacella got to go to the temple on Thursday! So that was cool. I got to spend the day with Elder Louis and he is from Haiti. That was a blast.
This ward LOVES Elder Pacella. We always joke about how when people find out he's from Italy they all go crazy talking about it and then when they ask where I'm from I say Arizona and they're just like "oh.. Arizona is nice" hahah so we always joke about how I need to start saying Im from France or something haha. But guess what ARIZONA IS THE BEST STATE AND I'M GONNA BE BURIED THERE. Leaving home really made me realize how much beauty and variety Arizona has and I miss it. But Florida Rocks!
So I'm staying in Jax Beach for another transfer! My new companion is Elder Roy and I love Elder Roy! He is such a fun missionary and we have a lot of good laughs. We served in Jax West together. It's gonna be so much fun. We are gonna work hard and have fun serving the wonderful people of Jax Beach. On Saturday there was a Tim Tebow charity golf event and so Ponte Vedra area was packed! Chip from Fixer Upper was there! Haha some ward members went and got some pictures with him and it was so cool!
Anyway this week was fun. Today elder Pacella spends the day in St Augustine and I get to spend a couple days with elder Redford and Erickson! I love yall so much! God Bless ya!
1-5) Some Pics we took while down at the beach6) Elder Louis and I7-9) our amazing district! 10-11) Sports night on Fridays with Investigators and Members! 12) Elder Pacellas last scripture study class with some funny things the young women made him


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