February 19, 2018


JAX Beach Ward


Piero Pacella

God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy - group email

If you know what song my subject line comes from than you are my best friend. Also I believe in the word of wisdom I dont actually drink beer nor think it's good its just part of the song 😂
This was a week for the journal haha..
We met tons of crazy people. Like 3 people haha. It was funny because a week or two ago I was telling Elder Pacella that I missed meeting tons of weird out there kinda people when I was on the "west side" of the river. I better be careful what I wish for because some migrated to the nicer area of town haha. We met a guy who basically prays to the book of Revelation and has weird dreams about it. Basically he was just going off about his dreams and how there's no priesthood authority because it's all in our blood according to Revelation 😂 oh well..
Another guy we met was trying to give us a bunch of phone numbers to try and "set something up" in regards to the Bible. We kept asking him if he heard about the book of Mormon and he just kept saying "oh ya man we got a bunch of people man we're gonna work together on dissecting all this down man." hahah so confusing like what exactly are we "setting up" 😂
The third and final one was an interesting one.. He asked us what we thought about on heaven. And he said what if you go to heaven and you wish you could come back to earth. We explained to him that when you go to heaven you will still be the same person and all that but he was going off. Stuff about how the human race is evolving and we are gonna wipe out tons of other species and that the human race isn't going anywhere for a long time. He said the only reason he's not Mormon is because we don't practice polygamy anymore..
So ya it's been a fun week. Lots of laughs but also lots of gratitude for my knowledge of the truth. I often realize that when I teach people, even crazy people, all I'm doing is just telling them what I know. The truth. Last pday we went to the zoo so I have some pictures 😊 it was alot of fun! On Thursday we had interviews and that was really good. President Lee is so inspirational and knows exactly what to say to help you. We had lunch as a district at Panera bread after (go David Turley). I'm used to having a huge district with 12 people so it's been a strange adjustment to 6 people in a district. It's alot of fun though.
Today we are going to St. Augustine so you'll probs get some pictures of that either late today or next week 😊 I love you all so much thanks for all your support! Hurrah for Israel!
1) Super cool drawing someone did in a restraunt. DUVALL!!2) On Valentines day the youth came by and heart attacked our apartment 😊 super nice3) The church must have a sense of humor because this man is dabbing in a Mormon message haha4-9) the zoo!!


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